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July 5, 2009 / Karthikeyan Natarajan

Google updates some Apps functions

Google has made a few updates to its various apps services including one that lets users within the organisation share templates with each other.

Google already had a template gallery for Google Docs where people can share templates such as presentation designs and spreadsheets. But now Premier and Education edition users can share templates privately only with other people in the domain. Co-workers can sort, use and rate the templates.

 Apps Gmail users have also gotten an improvement to the Contacts list search function. Now, when Apps users search in Contacts in Gmail, they’ll also receive results from their company’s entire global address list, in addition to people that they’ve added to the list and people they’ve previously e-mailed.

Google also released a user profile API (application programming interface) that lets administrators retrieve and update profile information for all users on the company domain. The tool is aimed at helping administrators maintain a detailed global address list in Google Apps. The API is only available to Google Apps Premier Edition users. 

Other updates to Gmail for business users include new ways to organise labels, which users place on messages to tag them. Users can now hide the labels that are not used frequently to “more ” link. They can do that that by just dragging and dropping to “more” link. Users can now drag the messages into labels and labels onto messages inorder to tag them. Label updates are available to all Gmail users.


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