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July 10, 2009 / Karthikeyan Natarajan

4 Firefox tips

1. Delete visited URL’s

When you drop down the box underneath the address bar, you can see your recent browsing history. But what if you want to remove one URL from that list? May be you’ve been looking at a naughty site and you don’t want your girfriend to know? Or may be you’ve been shopping for your loved one online and you want to keep it a secret? Just drop down the URL box, highlight the URL you want to zap then press the “delete” button on your keyboard. The URL will then be removed from the list.

2. Browse privately

Another solution for the above privacy is private browsing mode of firefox in which Firefox enters a temporary mode so that browsing information is not stored in your computer. To enter private browsing mode, press CTRL + SHIFT + P.

3.Navigate to browser tabs using the keyboard

Instead of using the mouse to click on a tab, why not use the keyboard instead? Pressing CTRL + TAB together will bounce you from tab to tab, starting from the one in the far left and working its way along. Or if you want to go to a specifc tab straight away, you can do that too. CTRL + 2 will take you directly to the second tab from the left. CTRL + 5 will take you to the fifth tab from the left.

4.Grab files off webpages, even protected webpages

Have you ever wanted a picture, file or video off a webpage but you can’t, because it’s been protected? Just right-click on the page, choose “View Page Info” then the “media” tab. Find the file you’re looking for from the list and click on “save”. (note : this doesn’t work for everything but It still works for most pages).


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  1. Arun Shivaram / Jul 10 2009 12:41 pm

    Nice Tips!
    By the way, the private browsing works only in Firefox 3.5 (as far as I know)

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