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April 12, 2010 / Karthikeyan Natarajan

View all websites in your mobile : Mobilizer

Web pages of most websites will not be rendered nice in mobile. To view these websites best in mobile, we use an web interface called mobilizer.

Google has its own mobilizer called Google Wireless Transcoder (

If you want to browse pages alone, this works fine.

Once this google GWT was working fine for all webpages. recently google changed its code and now it sometimes refuses to view some websites and one great disadvatage of this service is that you cannot view any form inputs in the webpage. (i.e any textbox, buttons, checkbox etc will not be visible)

One of the best Mobilizer i know is Skweezer(

This service works fine for all webpages. you can see textboxes(forms), enter text search, login to your web account etc…

Even you can browse for free in some mobile networks like Airtel if you use

Logging into gmail is a trick one.

First go to, enter username,password and login. This page will lead to a error page. click on google accounts image in that page. Click gmail & click load basic html view. That is it. Mail is in your mobile.

Some other mobilizer websites are

Any doubts comment this post..


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