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May 28, 2010 / Karthikeyan Natarajan

Startup monitor – Manages your system’s startups

This utility is just “60 KB” and it runs in the background  and warns you  whenever a program is added to startup. This actually helps you

whenever you install a software, it may sometime adds to your startup. (i.e.) it automatically starts when your system boots every time. but sometimes we don’t want the program to run during every booting of system. These  programs use resources and drains more power and slows down your computer. SO this utility helps your system to speedup.

Statup Monitor Screenshot

Startup Monitor

for example, when you install ” Nokia PC suite”, it will automatically adds to start up. but you need this software only when you connect your phone to your computer. so there is no use of running this software everytime the system starts.

One more Fact: Do you know how a virus spreads so fast to many computers?

For the virus to spread, the program must run always. so it adds to startup of your system and it runs everytime and copies automatically when you connect your pendrive, some remote computer…

This startup monitor warns you when a program is added to startup. so whenever a virus program runs and tries to add to startup, you can reject it from added to startup and find that your system is about to start infected by a virus and you prevent it using your favorite anti-virus. (Not all virus adds to startup. most automatically spreading virus works in this manner).

This utility is very helpful and uses very less resource and power.

Download STARTUPMONITOR Now. (60 KB)


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  1. Senthil Murugan / May 28 2010 9:10 am

    Superb da… Also give info abt other softwares….

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