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July 9, 2010 / Karthikeyan Natarajan

Alternative OS for old computers and Low memory PC

Windows XP is one of the most successful operating systems all over the world. It is beacause it is highly user friendly and GUI environment. It requires low memory(64MB is enough for XP Home Edition). 128  MB is recommended for good working.

The next version of Windows is a big failure. Vista requires  at least 1GB RAM. If you just switch on your PC/Laptop with Vista, you can see in the task manager that it takes minimum 1.1GB for doing nothing. One major problem with Vista that many of my friends experienced is “Explorer Not Responding ” problem. Another frequent problem is that compatibility issues. Many of  softwares that worked in previous version of windows(XP, ME etc.), are not working on Vista. some are even not able to install it.  So many bugs existed in Vista.

Windows 7 is far far better than Vista. Windows 7 still has compatibility issues but very less. Windows 7 is a worthy operating system. Regarding memory, Microsoft Failed again. We need at least 1GB to install Windows 7 but when we run Windows 7, it takes less than 1GB (around 700 MB).

Poor people with low RAM and old computers at their home are unable to use latest windows  7.

There is one solution for Old computers and LoW memory Computers. That is,


There are many Linux distributions available. One of the Most Popular is UBUNTU

Ubuntu: This is probably the most user-friendly Linux distribution ever made.  Some power users don’t like it because they say its “too user friendly”, but most people seem to be very happy with it. The main advantage is that it supports low memory old computers. 256 MB is sufficient for powerful , flawless usage.

And it is completely FREE.

ubuntu 9.10 300x240 The 10 Most Popular Linux Distributions

There are so many advantages of Linux, especially Ubuntu Distro.

  • It is free and the source code is available for free (opensource). You can edit the software as your wish.
  • No Virus.. sound pretty cool.. All of the windows users are  annoyed by virus, Trojans, malwares etc..
  • How can Linux without virus?? The answer is “Viruses are very very uncommon in Linux”
  • Very Fast developing: Since it is opensource, anyone can edit it, find a bug and edit , upgrade, update it to the distribution.  Mainly, the Security bugs will be removed easily.
  • Free Online Support from Countless no. of forums.

One interesting about Ubuntu is “Ubuntu Sends free cds to your home” you can order from their website for free to any country, any place, Completely Free.

Ubuntu is user friendly OS. So there will be no problem in changing from Windows to Ubuntu. there are many guides available in internet for people who are New to Linux.

Ubuntu Website:

Windows equivalent softwares are available in dozens.  Even if you want to run the windows application, there are options.

Ubuntu is best for persons who are new to computers. There are more advantages in using Linux.  So, Switch to Linux and feel the power and freedom of linux.

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  1. JACK / Aug 31 2010 3:47 am

    ubuntu is better than windows ? maybe i must try first. Thanks

  2. Damastah / Oct 13 2010 4:15 pm

    Thank you for this post. I was just about to attempt to re-install XP on an old computer that only has 512MB of RAM (:O) You just helped me decide to dedicate it to Ubuntu instead. It’ll run faster.

  3. Thomas Galea / Dec 12 2011 2:07 pm

    Theirs nothing wrong with Vista, it runs perfectly on my PCs. No lag, no errors, nothing. Most people are so stupid these days, you think that you can just throw a OS that made a big jump on an old uncapable PC? grow up people.

    • Karthikeyan / Dec 13 2011 5:21 pm

      Hi Thomas,
      This posts suits for Old(low configuration) PCs only. The problems, that my friends experienced are in Vista Basic. I don’t know much about other versions. But in other versions also, there are some difficulties. Which Version are you using? For what purposes, you have used Vista & found no problem at all?

    • Jack / Nov 12 2014 4:50 pm

      Anybody using windows for anything other than games or non important applications is out of their mind. Windows may have 85% the market when it comes to ignorant people that don’t know squatt!
      about what they paid for. However, that figure is dropping fast. Most super computers around the world use a linux platform. Why don’t you? But if you have to use windows go with the vista starter.

      • Karthikeyan / Nov 13 2014 4:49 am

        Windows is good for common people. It is easy working with. But I would like to bring something to notice about supercomputers using linux.
        Supercomputers are completely different compared to PC at home. You need sophisticated knowledge about computers to work with supercomputer. So you can’t compare common people’s use of computer with supercomputer. XP SP3 is the strongest ever Windows built. My friends had worst nightmares with Vista. Windows 7 is strong too.
        Linux is picking up but with a lot of hiccups. There will come one day when linux will be preferred over windows by common people too.

  4. csaw / Sep 2 2012 8:37 pm

    Linux is best for low ram computers 100 % effective

  5. Karthikeyan / Nov 13 2014 4:52 am


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