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December 8, 2010 / Karthikeyan Natarajan

Webcam heating Problem Solved !!!

In Inspiron 1525 and most of the DELL LAPTOPS, the Webcam is connected to one of the USB ports which is inside the motherboard. Since it is connected to USB port, Power is supplied continously to webcam and the webcam is getting heated always. You can just back side of the webcam after switching your laptop on for 15 mins. Even if you didnot use the webcam also, it is getting heated and battery life goes low and power gets wasted a lot.

I got an idea to solve this problem. Ever heard of a software called “USB Safely Remove“?!! Sorry! this software is not free. but cracks & keygens are available. I was using the version 4.2… Just download this software and install it. This software is used to cutoff the power of USB port, s that we can remove the USB device safely.

 Since Webcam is connected to USB port, we can use this software to remove it automatically as soon as your laptop is switched on.
1) Go to the Start up folder “C:\Documents and Settings\Neo\Start Menu\Programs\Startup” in XP, or In start menu, click Programs>Startup, right click and click Open.
2) Then, Right Click and click New>Shortcut, a new dialogue box appears.
3) Paste this in the text box ——-> “C:\Program Files\USB Safely Remove\usr.exe” stop -n “Laptop Integrated Webcam”

Click next, next, Finish.
Now whenever, your Laptop is switched on, automatically your webcam power will be switched off.

NOTE: To use your webcam, just run “USB Safely Remove” and click Tray icon at right bottom corner of the screen and you can see your Webcam’s name “Laptop Integrated Webcam”. Right click and click Return device back!. That’s it.

More advanced users can directly add “C:\Program Files\USB Safely Remove\usr.exe” stop -n “Laptop Integrated Webcam” to a key in registry “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” or “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run”
You can also add a hotkey in “USB safely Remove” to returnpower to your webcam back, whenever you want to use it.
(This link is useful to download cracked version )
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