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March 31, 2011 / Karthikeyan Natarajan

Want to Flash your NOKIA mobile?

If you want to flash your Nokia mobile and re-write your phones software, Here is an answer.
If you phone software creates some problems like not switching on, switches off when you send a message or take a photo etc., some phone features ar not working,  re-writing the phones software will solve the problem mostly. if you want to upgrade phones software, go to NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATE. you need fast internet connection (broadband)  to upgrade.
If upgrading not works, or no upgrades available, we need to re-write the software of mobile. For re-writing, we  may need to take phone to Nokia care centre. Or you can re-write yourself.
BLUE-NOKIA is german site offering all necessary softwares related to software re-writing for Nokia mobiles.
Remember it is not officially recognized by Nokia.
Use google translator for viewing in English.
You need data cable(USB) for your mobile.
you need to download the re-writing software and the firmware that you need to re-write in your mobile. carefull in choosing the version of fimware. donot choose old versions. type *#0000# in your mobile and note down the version. Download same version or improved version.
Install re-writing software and connect mobile phone with data cable and flash your Nokia mobile.


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